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Raymond G. Potter


from the pages of The Uncanny X-MEN ! ! !

This is actually two kits, both from Horizon: Wolverine - beserker super-hero from the X-Men, and a stylish airlock base kit.

Wolvie has cast-metal claws to complement his savage demeanor. The airlock came as two pieces; I added the lettering and the shredded pipe and wiring.


The Model…

Category: Figure

Genre: Comic Book

Source: Marvel Comics' Uncanny X-Men

Manufacturer: Horizon

Scale: 1/5

Size: about 15" tall

Material: Resin and cast metal

Approach: Out of the Box

Client: Private client

Awards: 1998 IPMS Gold medal plus the

BEST IN CATEGORY (figures) award

© Copyright R.G. Potter

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