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Raymond G. Potter


from the pages of A.D's Splitting Head Press "BEYOND THE SECOND STAR" as seen at the San Diego ComicCon and other shows

Tracer is a comic character created by Ann M. Doria and Frankie Galang for their comic, A.D's Splitting Head Press "BEYOND THE SECOND STAR." Tracer is the main character in the futuristic Sci-fi book.

Anne wanted a display to appear with her at the 1998 San Diego ComicCon, one of the largest comic industry shows in the world, as well as other shows.

Using sketches of the character, I sewed a Spandex costume for a mannequin we had acquired at a yard sale. I repainted the mannequin's face, giver her realistic eyes, makeup, etc. Since the character wears gloves, but the mannequin's hands were molded solid, I painted the hands and mounted the knuckle studs directly to the knuckles.

  • As I had a limited time-base for this project, (it had to ship within a week) I modified some shrift-shop items for Tracer's use including a toy radio, boots, earrings, and kneepads. I had to scratch build others such as Tracer's distinctive sword and scabbard, mini-headset mike (not in picture here), necklace, equipment mounted on the right thigh, armbands, and of course, her very shiny shoulder-pads.

    Tracer's San Diego debut was very successful. In addition to many positive comments, her photo appeared across the opening page of TOMART'S ACTION FIGURE DIGEST's photo coverage of the show in the September 1998 issue #56 page 38.

    Tracer went on to appear in several other comic shows across the country in the late 90's..

Size: about 42" high (figure is kneeling)

Material: Spandex, Fiberglass Figure, Acrylic Hair

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: Tracer Creator: Anne Doria

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