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Raymond G. Potter

The TARDIS 1:1 Scale Replica

from BBC's Doctor Who

Florida Supercon and its related conventions have served the Florida market since the early 2000's. Because of the popularity of the BBC program Doctor Who, Supercon wanted a photo-op prop based on the classic TV series. They originally had a fully built one-piece model that required 6 people to lift and had accumulated a lot of damage over the years.

I was commissioned to design and build a new version with bolt together panels that separated into easily toted sections and could be carried and assembled in a short time by only two people with a hand or battery tool. Like its predecessor, it had to have lit windows and Police Box signage as well as a roof light that did the slow fade on/off and a remotely triggered speaker system that played the dematerialization noise that has resounded with fans since its debut in 1963.

  • 3D renders were made of all parts before fabrication began.

Size: About 4.5' x 4.5' x 8'

Material: Wood, polycarbonate, aluminum sheet, glass dome

Approach: Modified Pattern

Client: Supercon Conventions


Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk AutoCAD

People who helped with this project:
David B., Ruben R., Luis E., and the Supercon crew

Additional Reference:

The TARDIS Builders Group website (dimensions/blueprints)

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