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Raymond G. Potter

Star Wars: Y-Wing Fighter

One of the principle offensive/defensive ships of the Rebel Alliance, the Y-Wing fighter makes its first appearance in STAR WARS and goes on to make major contributions in both the first and second Death Star offensives.

This kit was part of a stock of original MPC (not ERTL re-issues) that the client wanted a built-up demo to display.


The Model…

Category: Spacecraft

Genre: Science Fiction, Film/Television


Manufacturer: MPC Models

Scale: unknown...perhaps 1/96 ?

Size: about 7" long

Material: Styrene, Wire, Brass Rod

Approach: Heavily Modified

Client: Private client

Awards: 1998 IPMS Locals Gold medal, 1998 IPMS Locals BEST IN CATEGORY (space vehicles) award

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