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Raymond G. Potter

Comlock and Stun-Gun

from Space 1999!

In the year 1999, an explosion of nuclear waste on the surface of earth's moon rips Luna out of orbit and sends it hurtling into deep space. Carried along is Moonbase Alpha and its crew on a voyage where they will meet people and things unlike any they have seen before.

This set is the Communications device called a Com-lock and the sidearm weapon used by the crew of Moonbase Alpha in Space 1999. I did a complete assembly and paint of these kits (2 sets, actually).

  • These were resin kits produced by kit-maker Blu-five. They are 1:1 scale. Each kit has only about 6 parts.

    I modified the original by replacing the microphone tube with a scratch-built, more detailed tube that had real metal mesh at the end vs the molded in texture in the resin part.

    I also scratch built an aluminum belt clip.

Size: Gun 5" , Comm Unit 7"

Material: Resin casting

Approach: Light Modifications

Client: Private client

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