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Raymond G. Potter

Ronald Dellum Federal Building

Partial Building in Forced Perspective for HO Scale

by SMARTT Inc.

This client has the theme of Oakland California for his project. As part of his replica, he requested a number of signature buildings from the Oakland skyline. The Dellum building is the centerpiece for this collection. As the building sits in a closed corner and is visible from one side, the sides and the symmetrical back face are trimmed for the corner. The building will be fully lit.

  • A Conceptual View of the Dellum Building Generated by Autodesk Inventor

    One of the benefits of designing in the computer is the ability to create detailed renders of the assembled structure before the first laser cut is made.

Size: about 19" wide x 18" tall

Material: Laser cut acrylic, PETG, 3D printed parts

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: SMARTT Inc. for Private client


Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk AutoCAD

People who helped with this project:
Paint, Assembly, Laser cutting, by Rali M., Mark R., Rolando G., Jim C.

© Copyright SMARTT Inc.

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