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Raymond G. Potter


from the pages of The Uncanny X-MEN ! ! !

Rogue is a member of the outcast mutant super-hero group known as the X-Men. Her powers involve draining powers from others by touching their skin so she is costumed head to toe except for her face.

As mentioned in the Sentinel section, This display was built specifically for Tropic Comics in North Miami Beach. The idea worked something like this...

The owner had seen a female mannequin that would look great as a flying heroine since she had her arms upraised. There was but one little hitch, she was missing an arm. So, he said, maybe there could be some big robot hand grabbing that area and obscuring the fact that there was no actual arm.

  • I made Rogue's costume from Spandex and nylon and included both arms plus an empty glove. Her leather jacket came from the thrift shop.

    I had to cut off and reposition Rogue's head so that it was tilted back and looking sideways. I reinforced the area with body putty and then painted her whole head including her make-up and striking green eyes. I then made her red wig with the recognizable white streak running through it. I painted her right hand (that was molded in a fist) to match the shadows and highlights of the satiny yellow fabric that made up her empty fabric glove on the left side.

    I filled her left sleeve with a cardboard tube and positioned it in the Sentinel robot's grip and thus a vignette is born!!!

Size: about 5' 6" tall

Material: Spandex, Fiberglass Figure, Acrylic Hair

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: Tropic Comics, North Miami Beach

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