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Raymond G. Potter

Ringling Circus Museum

A custom scale backdrop for the Howard Tibbels Circus Trains exhibit

by SMARTT Inc.

The Ringling Museum selected SMARTT to build a 63 foot long backdrop for their display of handmade circus train miniatures. The client provided a miniature version of their concept built by a Kansas model-maker from HO scale kits. Since the trains are 1:16 scale, the model had to be pantagraphed up and recreated from available materials. Other than a few Plastruct fittings, almost nothing is available in that size so it all had to be fabricated from scratch by SMARTT's talented model shop staff.


Size: 63 feet long

Material: Laser cut acrylic, CNC cut Sintra PVC sheet

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: Ringling Circus Museum


Autodesk AutoCAD

People who helped with this project:
The SMARTT model making staff

© Copyright SMARTT Inc.

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