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Raymond G. Potter


from the pages of The Uncanny X-MEN ! ! !

Nightcrawler is the X-Man with the power to pop in and out by passing through an interdimensional realm that smells something like brimstone.

This mannequin was built specifically for Tropic Comics in North Miami Beach. It hangs right over the inside of the front door.

  • Since Nightcrawler hangs from where he has crawled through the ceiling tiles to leap out upon his foes, I only needed to build half a mannequin.

    I had to do some renovations to this mannequin including restoring eyeballs and filling up his empty scalp. I used epoxy putty to sculpt his pointed ears before airbrushing his blue skin tones.

    His three fingered hands were specially cast and fitted to square rods that matched the wrist sockets.

    His costume and gloves are Spandex with wire supports for the upraised portions. I completed him by making him a curly black wig.

Size: about 36" top of head to waist

Material: Spandex, Fiberglass Figure, Acrylic Hair

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: Tropic Comics, North Miami Beach

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