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Raymond G. Potter

Captain Proton Pistol

from Star Trek Voyager

This is a work in progress . . .

Captain Proton is a holodeck novel persona adopted by USS Voyager pilot Tom Paris in his recreational time (although the 24th century resident prefers to refer to it as a study of ancient cultures). Essentially he is a character in a movie serial within a TV show.
The screen-used prop was originally designed by HMS props modified from a squirt gun that was based on a 1912 Colt automatic.

There are a few 3D files available online but most are mediocre and blocky. I wanted better, and sometimes if you want a job done well . . .

  • I started with a photo of the actual prop to establish many of the 2D shapes that combine to create the 3D object. I found a very nice Colt file online to use for the handgrip, but it was ultimately unsatisfying so I started building the grip myself. Right now, the safety switch and a few small parts are still in the file, but they are to be revised as well. In the iterations shown, the handgrip will be mirrored to create a complete part, but it is not ready yet. The project continues . . .

Size: about 12" long

Material: Prototype will be 3D printed in TBA

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: personal project

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