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Raymond G. Potter

"Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein"

This kit is a cool rendition of master artist Wrightson's version of the Frankenstein Monster emerging from his vat and throttling his creator. The kit contains a lot of pieces for a vinyl kit, including metal details. Most of the intricate detailing on the base, however, is molded right in, and brought to life by painstaking painting. (e.g. The stack of books is just one piece!)


The Model…

Category: Figure, Monster, Diorama

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Comic Book

Source: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as depicted in the artwork of Bernie Wrightson

Manufacturer: Sideshow Models

Scale: 1/8

Size: about 15"W x 15"L x 11"H

Material: vinyl / with vac-form and metal details

Approach: Out of the Box

Client: Private client

Awards: 1998 IPMS Locals Bronze Medal

© Original License Holder

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