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Raymond G. Potter

Aventura Station - Animated Skating Rink

by SMARTT Inc.

In 2004, SMARTT built a 29'x16' model train layout at the request of Aventura Mall, an upscale South Florida venue, to display in the mall over the holiday season. The layout was to be taken apart and restored every year around Thanksgiving. It still appears there yearly. After the initial run, the mall wanted some more animated accessories for the Year-Two display. SMARTT obliged with several new all-custom models, including this animated Ice Skating Rink.

  • The completed and installed Animated Skating Rink

    Using magnets, the skaters navigate their way around the rink on ice made of polycarbonate.

  • Final Conceptual Image approved by the client

    We presented the client with several options before finalizing the look of the skating rink. This way, the entire accessory could be completely thought out in 3D before any parts were fabricated.

  • An earlier conceptual version

    This was one of the other concepts, drawn more upon the idea of a park rink surrounded by snow covered grass.

  • A look from below

    The obvious look of figures going in a circle was mitigated by sliding magnet arms that could follow an oval pattern or even, if desired, a more rugged path. The grease keeps things moving smoothly.

  • The viewers' gallery

    As illustrated in the 3D conceptual, visitors to the rink can relax and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa on the elevated viewers gallery.
    I designed the custom photo-etched fencing that keeps the visitors from a nasty fall.

Size: about 18" x 24"

Material: Laser cut acrylic, Asst metal and plastic scale figures

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: Aventura Mall, Aventura, FL


Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Autodesk AutoCAD
Adobe Photoshop

People who helped with this project:
The SMARTT model making staff, as always, brought a table full of raw parts to life!

© Copyright SMARTT Inc.

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