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Raymond G. Potter

Aventura Station - Animated Bandshell Display

by SMARTT Inc.

In 2004, SMARTT built a 29'x16' model train layout at the request of Aventura Mall, an upscale South Florida venue, to display in the mall over the holiday season. The layout was to be taken apart and restored every year around Thanksgiving. It still appears there yearly. After the initial run, the mall wanted some more animated accessories for the display's second year appearance. SMARTT obliged with several new all-custom models, including this animated bandshell.

  • The completed Bandshell as it appears integrated into its larger display

  • The Bandshell went through several pre-visualization phases. Early designs as shown in the slideshow feature a picnic lawn, then chairs in rows on a lawn. I designed each iteration in 3DS Max before anything was fabricated.

  • The final decision was for a more formal amphitheater. The shell was expanded upward with columns, as suggested by a photo from the internet.

  • I designed all the parts in AutoCAD to be laser cut. I found a supplier for the acrylic round dome to form the top of the shell. I included mounts for multicolored flashing lights to shine up the inside of the shell.

  • Then the fun part. I and my colleague Mel articulated and installed a number of figures that beat drums, played piano, swiveled, etc.

  • Mel created the cam system to get the figures to move powered by a Hankscraft display motor. Finally, a sound module provided the music as chosen by the client.

  • One more look from the back. The Bandshell is visible from a broad viewing angle.

Size: approximately 18" x 24"

Material: Acrylic

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: Aventura Mall


Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Autodesk AutoCAD
Adobe Photoshop

People who helped with this project:
Mel I. designed the cam system and some of the figure motions. Ojars M painted and assembled most of the structure.

© Copyright SMARTT Inc.

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