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Raymond G. Potter


from the pages of DC's Aquaman!!!

Aquaman's young sidekick of the sixties DC Comics series rides a flying fish complete with saddlebag across the seven seas.

This mannequin was built specifically for Tropic Comics in North Miami Beach. He is suspended by poles in the center of several comic file-bins.

  • I made Aqualad a Spandex outfit including shirt, shorts, gloves, and boots. I also handmade his wig.

    I airbrushed his face with fleshtones and gave him his distinctive purple eyes (as longtime fans will recognize) with clear epoxy finish.

    The fish was hanging up in the shop badly damaged by dust and grime. It was apparently a real fish that had been mounted and painted, although only on one side. I cleaned and completely repainted the fish and made a replica clear eye for the side previously facing the wall.

    Aqualad's saddle conceals a wooden platform that has a hidden mounting bolt for the fish. On the upper part of the platform is a horizontal plate that attaches to Aqualad so that his weight is supported by the vertical poles, not the fish.

Size: The fish is about 40" long, Aqualad is about 30" high seated.

Material: Spandex, Fiberglass Figure, Acrylic Hair, Taxidermied Fish Trophy, Vinyl

Approach: Completely Custom!

Client: Tropic Comics, North Miami Beach

© Copyright R.G. Potter

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